Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Now Available!

Enter undaunted the world of Dorothy Dunnett's first chef-d'oevre, The GAME of KINGS.
Exhaustively researched, this compilation follows the book page-by-page,
providing useful translations, illustrations, lost definitions,
and historical facts to faithfully shed light on the story.
Designed to elucidate the 16th century for the 21st century reader,
the Guide enriches one's experience of The Lymond Chronicles,
providing deeper understanding and an appreciation for
the discernment, subtlety, and scope of
Dorothy Dunnett's extraordinary writing.

FINALLY! After several lengthy delays, the Ultimate Guide to Dorothy Dunnett's The GAME of KINGS is available! A joy to research and compile, the guide is a whopping 392 pages of interesting and exciting information.  Please click here to order via Amazon (direct or through the DDS Amazon portal) or directly from me.  ENJOY!